Labor Room Birthing Center


  • Checking the cervix for labor progression
  • Monitoring contractions and baby’s heart rate
  • Delivery of the baby and placenta
  • Suturing and/or medication administration as necessary
  • Newborn exam and administration of medications as necessary
  • Preparation and filing of birth certificate

We trust a mother’s instinct on when she needs to be with her midwife and our labor care begins as soon as she feels it is desirable. Throughout labor we will monitor your baby’s heart rate, your contraction pattern, and how your labor is progressing. We use natural methods like massage, aromatherapy, relaxation points, and tools like the birthing ball, or our birth tub to help you through labor.

We delay cord cutting, and allow you and your baby to bond before administering eye ointment and the Vitamin K injection (if they are needed). When it comes time for the newborn exam, it is performed on the bed next to you so that you may continue enjoying your new little one.