For mother:
ome visits at day 1-2; day 3; 1 week
Office visits at 2 weeks;
6 week check up may include pap if needed

For Baby:
Well-checks at home on day 1-2; day 3; 1 week;
Office visits at 2 and 6 weeks

We feel that the jump from a 3 day postpartum visit to a 2 week postpartum visit provided in traditional medical care misses the opportunity to prevent issues from arising regarding newborn jaundice or breastfeeding, therefore we provide a home visit for mother and baby at one week postpartum to ensure that the transition into this new life is as smooth and enjoyable as it should be.

To provide respect for the work that is involved in bringing a baby into the world, we offer home visits to our clients for the first week after birth, regardless of whether you chose to birth at home or in a private birthing suite at our center.