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Ultrasound at Beautiful Beginning Birthing Center

Alisa Copeland, RDMS is on staff to perform ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy as needed. Interested in a gender reveal event? Ask her how to make discovering the gender of your little one a grand event. 


Austin Area Birthing Center Prenatal Pregnancy Care
Austin Birthing Center Prenatal Pregnancy Care

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a form of high-frequency energy (approximately 100 times the frequency of normal sound waves) that forms an image of the baby by reflecting waves off the baby’s tissues and onto a receptor probe. The contact of ultrasound waves compresses tissue. The result of the tissues absorbing ultrasound energy and of being compressed is a temperature increase on the cellular level. The increase in temperature combined with pressure may result in cavitation (the forming of gas bubbles) and implosion of cell membranes. It is important to remember that no well-controlled scientific investigations are currently being done or have ever been done to determine the long-term risks of ultrasound use.