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Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

Emma is the reason why we chose beautiful beginnings. We toured several birth centers in the area and without question found this to be the best choice for us. Why? 1. Emma...she conveyed professionalism, poise, compassion, and is also a breast feeding expert! This was particularly important to us. 2. Facilities are extremely clean and tidy. 3. Transparency. We had all our questions answered immediately and if there was an unknown we were quickly notified and not lead astray. Additionally we were given a follow up to our unanswered questions in a timely manner. ....Come game time for our sons birth we were met with a fully prepared staff and Emma lead my wife to an "enjoyable and comfortable" birth giving experience. As a Dad I felt my wife and child were in great hands! I could not stress how much we enjoyed our experience here, it was simply amazing! Do your self a favor and check them out!!!!!
- M G. Round Rock, TX

Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

I first met Emma when I thought I was pregnant. I went to her office to have an ultrasound sounds done and Emma and her staff were so understanding and sensitive to my feelings at the time that I knew I had to go back when I found out I was actually pregnant almost 2 years later. The office was always clean and the staff was always professional. She explained absolutely everything in great detail. When I started having terrible back pains during my pregnancy that would prevent me from even being able to walk, she help me find solutions that didn't require medication including referring me to a chiropractor. With her help I was able to carry my baby to full term although when we reached 40 weeks he was still breech. Needless to say this was an extremely stressful time for me, but Emma stayed calm and collected knowing exactly what had to be done. I did have to be referred to her consulting physician, Katherine Browne, who was also amazing, and despite the low odds, was able to successfully do a manual inversion so my baby could be delivered naturally, without requiring a C-section. Emma was there the entire time. She was there to introduce us to Dr Browne​ when we met her for the first time. She walked us to the hospital and helped us during the check-in process, something we never expected to have to do. After all we had been planning to give birth in her office. She even was able to be present during the procedure and stayed with us throughout the delivery. Having her come to my home for our Post delivery follow-up appointments was amazing. She was able to check our babies vitals and weigh him. As for the bill, she was quite reasonable. I expected the bill to be expensive because Midwife was not covered by my insurance, but she explained every detail of the billing process during our initial visit and then gave me updated itemized bill anytime I requested them. Emma gave me all of the forms required for me to submit an out-of-network claim to my insurance company without me requesting it. She even refunded a portion have the money I had paid since I was not able to deliver my baby and her office as we had planned. My absolute favorite thing about Emma was her responsiveness. There was never a time where I could not reach her. Her office phone actually rings to her cell phone and she is always willing to listen and answer any questions I have. She is the most knowledgeable Midwife that I've ever met with. I'm not surprised that she has opened the first Midwifery School in the Austin area. If you choose to have her deliver your baby you could not have made a better choice. My baby is 10 months old and I am so thankful to have had Emma by my side throughout my pregnancy and delivery.
- Laura W. Leander, TX

Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

I cannot recommend Emma enough. She cared for me from prenatal visits to birth to postnatal visits. I learned an incredible amount in her classes. She was very generous with her time, answering every little question my husband and I had and doing postpartum home visits. I had a fantastic birth and will miss seeing Emma regularly now that my little one is over 6 weeks old.
- Devin L. Austin, TX

Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

I used beautiful beginnings for a biophysical at 41weeks pregnant. The facility was very nicely done, calm and clean. The women who ran the tests was extremely nice and the total charge for the whole appointment ultrasound and all was $122. You can't beat laying in a plush bed surrounded by beautiful things watching your soon to be born baby.
- Sara M. Austin, TX

Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

We recently welcomed our baby girl at Beautiful Beginnings with Emma and Alisa. Compared to the natural hospital birth with my son a few years ago this experience was much warmer and more welcoming. I was encouraged and supported at each prenatal visit on aspects of my pregnancy that I needed to manage closely. I transferred to this practice at almost 34 weeks because of a discouraging, cold approach I was experiencing at another ob/midwife practice in town. Emma always wanted to know what questions I had and took time to answer them. It was so refreshing. Her and Alisa are an amazing team. Early in my labor they popped in and out of the birth suite, often without me knowing. Later when things really got going they were reassuring and very present in the room. They read our needs and it was the perfect balance to keep things moving, keeping me calm and informed. Every decision made was based on my specific situation with all factors being considered and communicated. I have never felt more respected and really cared for at a medical facility.
- Emily H. Round Rock, TX

Google Birthing Center Review

Emma is a wonderful person! Very knowledgeable and experienced. I felt comfortable in her care from the time we met. Her practice is very professional and clean. She and her helpers are very considerate of personal preferences and truly do all they can to make your childbirth experience unique and as comfortable as possible.
- Amber M - Austin, TX

Yelp - Birthing Center Austin, TX

The first word that comes to mind for Emma and Alisa is AMAZING! They are both kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, caring, educated, and friendly! They made the pregnancy as well as the labor experience so special. This was my 3rd birth (my 1st 2 children were born in the hospital with epidurals). I decided to try the 3rd one naturally and I am so glad I did. What a night and day different experience I had then with my other 2. Emma is very thorough and I felt more informed then I ever did before about the process of being pregnant, the effects on me, as well as my baby. She actually takes the time to explain everything and my appointments were never short of an hour. I love that by the end of the 9 months, I felt so close to them and it made the birth even better. I had some bloodwork issues near the end of the pregnancy and Emma did everything possible so I could stay in her care and have the birth that I wanted, she is fantastic! I felt that my health and well being were just as important to her as the babies was. I wasn't just a number that she was rushing out the door to get to her next appointment. She has a true passion and God given gift for midwifery. As an added bonus, I felt SO much better after the birth then I did with the other pregnancies. The labor process and the recovery went so much faster and I was elated that Emma took the time to come to my home for the 1st 2 weeks, so I didn't have to take my baby out and about. I would certainly recommend Emma and Alisa and the whole experience 🙂 !!!!
- Melina G. Pflugerville, TX

Google - Birthing Center

This place has been so kind to my son and daughter-in-law as they prepare to welcome their first baby sometime this week 🙂 They work with them to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Thanks for the kindness and professionalism they have shown.
- Mechell LeBlanc

Yelp - Birthing Center

The team at Beautiful Beginning Birth Center is fantastic. Emma and Alyssa provided thorough prenatal care and emotional support throughout my 3rd pregnancy and delivered a healthy beautiful boy. It was the birth experience I wanted and every mother deserves. I only wish I could have more babies :)Thank you again!
- J M. Pflugerville, TX

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