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Birth naturally at Home

Home Birth is a Safe Choice for Low Risk Women

Midwifery Care Lowers the Risk for Interventions

Midwifery care has been shown to lower the risk of medical interventions. Being at home or a home-like environment can help a woman to relax and trust her body. Interventions are kept to a minimum and are implemented only when medically necessary. Your midwife will be there in the room with you and ready to assist you through contractions. As your birth approaches, we will set up your room in preparation to receive your baby. After the birth, we clean up and even start the laundry!

Midwives are Trained Professionals

Midwifery care is evidence based care which is very different from the standard care of US hospitals in that it addresses pregnancy as a natural state instead of a medical condition to be managed. Care is more personalized. Our midwives do not routinely rupture membranes, induce without cause, or inhibit mom from moving or eating and drinking while in labor.

Midwives arrive at your home equipped with the same medical equipment you would see at the birthing center - oxygen, medications to stop bleeding, supplies to start an IV, and resuscitation equipment. Upon arrival, your midwife will monitor your vitals and listen to your baby's heartbeat. She will set up the birth environment and monitor you and your baby throughout labor. She will guide you into positions that facilitate a gentle, natural birth; help you to focus and breathe through the contractions; and assist in keeping you comfortable.

Birth is a Normal Biological Function

Women feel comfortable in their home where they can eat, drink and rest unencumbered in an environment that is familiar to them. This creates an ideal situation for birth. Most women chose to birth in their bed, however some prefer to rent a birth tub to birth in. Wherever you chose to birth in your home, we follow you with the supplies we need for the delivery and set up beside you.

Is a Home Birth Right for You?

Home Birth May Be a Great Option for You If…

    • You are low risk
    • You want individualized and evidence based midwifery care
    • You want to avoid unnecessary interventions

Home Birth May Not Be a Good Fit If…

    • You are carrying multiples
    • You have uncontrolled diabetes
    • You have preeclampsia or high blood pressure
    • You go into labor early (before 37 weeks)

Home Birth Right for You?

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