Pregnancy/Prenatal Chiropractic Care
for Women in Austin, TX Area

Did you know that recent studies indicate that almost 80% of women experience lower back and/or pelvic problems (and pain) during pregnancy?  In addition, the inability to do much about it has led many women to feel that they could not enjoy their pregnancy due to such discomfort.

Pregnancy Chiropractor Austin Texas Area
Pregnancy Chiropractor Austin Texas Area

During pregnancy, there are millions of different processes that go on in your body that are all coordinated through your central nervous system. Your hormones are changing and their are chemical reactions taking place all the time during development in both you and your developing baby.  During pregnancy is when you need a nervous system that is adapting and accurately responding to all the requirements necessary.  This is why it is crucial that you see a chiropractor during this important time.

Chiropractic Care May Result in Easier Pregnancy

According to recent studies, chiropractic care may result in easier pregnancy including increased comfort during the third trimester and delivery and reduced need for analgesics (pain medication). In one study, women receiving chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had 24% reduction in labor times and subjects giving birth for the second or third time reported 39% reduction in shorter labor times.

In another study, the need for analgesics was reduced by 50% in the patients who received adjustments. In addition, 84% of women report relief of back pain during pregnancy with chiropractic care. When women receive chiropractic care throughout pregnancy, the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis function better. As a result, there is significantly less likelihood of back labor (contractions and sharp pain felt in the lower back during labor). Chiropractic care has helped new mothers become more comfortable breastfeeding (posture-wise) as well as to produce more milk. Chiropractic care has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression.


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Acupuncture and Pregnancy:  Providing Safe, Gentle, and Profound Relief During Pregnancy in Austin, TX Area

Acupuncture is thousands of years old and uses complex and detailed diagnostic standards to effectively treat many different conditions and complications associated with

Pregnancy Acupuncture Austin Texas Area
Pregnancy Acupuncture Austin Texas Area

pregnancy, labor, and post-partum.  Some women are hesitant to try acupuncture during pregnancy, specifically the early stages of pregnancy.   The first trimester is a dichotomy: as it is filled with elation and joy and is also an unnerving and fragile time for expecting moms.

Regular acupuncture during pregnancy sets the foundation for a healthy mother and baby. In addition, women who receive acupuncture during pregnancy often have a shorter and easier birth experience than women who don’t receive acupuncture. Several European studies concluded that women who received acupuncture once a week during the last month of pregnancy had significantly shorter labors than women who did not receive any acupuncture.

What acupuncture can do for you during pregnancy

Acupuncture has the most optimal results when the patient receives treatments on a regular basis throughout pregnancy.  Acupuncture works very effectively on acute conditions, but is most effective when it has the opportunity to prevent illness, pain or discomfort.  This is especially true during pregnancy.  Regular maintenance through acupuncture can help alleviate problems as women go through the various stages of pregnancy.

Acupuncture Can Be Very Effective at Treating and Managing Conditions Such As:

  • nausea, vomiting, and hyperemesis gravidarum
  • insomnia
  • low energy
  • anemia
  • anxiety/depression
  • constipation
  • heartburn
  • back pain and sciatica
  • symphysis pubis pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • gestational diabetes
  • high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia)
  • PUPPs & other pregnancy-related skin conditions
  • certain types of threatened miscarriage
  • breech presentation
  • posterior presentation
  • pre-term labor
  • delayed labor
  • labor pain
  • lactation problems
  • postpartum depression

General Treatment Plan for Pregnancy

Acupuncture and TCM provide specific treatments for each of the three trimesters of pregnancy: The first trimester sets the foundation for a healthy pregnancy, reduces nausea and assists with prevention of miscarriage.  The second trimester tends to be the easiest for most women, but acupuncture can help to maintain balance in the body and offer relief from common complaints such as pain, heartburn, and constipation etc.  The last trimester is a time when acupuncturists work to prepare the body for labor and delivery, reduce stress and anxiety, increase good quality sleep and help prevent preeclampsia and other conditions associated with the end of pregnancy.

Why Chose Acupuncture as a Conjunctive Therapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a sacred and reflective time, as women are striving to be their absolute healthiest for the wellbeing of their baby and to allow for the most blissful prenatal experience.  If we are able be care for and nurture ourselves as mothers to be, we will be increasing able to be present to the needs of our babies and families at large.

Pregnancy is a time when women deserve to feel jubilant and literally full of life!  Acupuncture works effectively on the mind body connection, providing mental and physical relief for the mother and baby.  It can provide a time of solitude, expression, deep relaxation, understanding, comfort, and vibrant health.

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